Padel by Henri Leconte
Padel is a racket sport which has been expanded recently in many countries. South America and especially Spain are countries which love Padel Tennis. 2 million Argentines and nearly 4 million Spanish People are crazy for this sport which is easy to learn. It is just obvious that the tennis champion Henri Leconte is also very interested in Padel. 

« I discovered padel in Marbella and I was immediately excited by this new sport. I know the world of tennis very well and padel has similarities but is also different. It's an exciting sport and I'm a big fan. »

First, it is playable by all. It attracts different generations who will have a lot of fun playing together. It is an easy to learn and does not necessarily require a great physical condition, plus it is practiced in doubles.

With these findings and with his huge tennis experience, Henri Leconte decided in 2013 to promote this sport that offers so many possibilities.

The concept offers new opportunities for tennis clubs and tennis players. Starting from the construction (different ranges of Padel Courts), the HL PADEL concept offers a meeting and follow up with the tennis clubs, connects them with other Padel players or clubs, organises competitions and provides a regular presence of Henri, the Padel Ambassador.
Players can be matched through an internet platform. Young people are supervised by teachers trained by HL PADEL. Equipment is also on offer from rackets to outfits to give players the best possible experience.

« I am sure that you will have as much fun as I have playing the sport. Padel values are respect, fun and performance."

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Henri Leconte Padel Club
Henri Leconte's main vision is that the Clubs will be used again and that they will grow in the future.
The HL Padel Clubs are places for a family to relax, to meet friends and all of that on a very high standard.

Henri Leconte Padel has implemented a licensing system.
If a club installs HL Padel they get the Henri Leconte Padel Club Standard license. The Premium license puts your club then to the next level.
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